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P&A Events NorthEast Terms & Conditions

Your hire equipment is supplied by P&A Events NorthEast LTD. All transaction will be

placed with P&A Events NorthEast LTD.

Damage Deposit

Upon delivery you will pay a security deposit which is refundable within 7-14 days if
no repairs are needed to any of the hired equipment supplied. If repairs are needed
the amount to repair will be deducted from your security deposit if any of the hire
equipment is damaged beyond repair you will be charged accordingly to

replace our equipment.

If you do not pay for any damage and break our terms and conditions we will seek

court action immediately.

Your responsibility when hiring our equipment

You must give us a 2 metre distance at the delivery and collection at your location. You
must give us clear instructions, and take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of our

We accept no responsibility for any damage or injuries caused.

The hirer will inspect the equipment with P&A Events NorthEast Ltd and note and
sign for any damage on the equipment.
You the hirer become responsible for the equipment when you receive it – please
take extra care to stop any damage to our equipment.

Accidents / Injury
The hirer acknowledges that the use of the equipment is at the hirers own risk P&A
Events NorthEast Ltd will not be held liable for any accidents, injuries or death.
P&A Events NorthEast LTD will not be liable for accidents, injuries, or death caused by
misuse of our equipment – this includes falling over, leaning on and use of drink, drugs
Damages to your property
P&A Events NorthEast LTD will not be held responsible for any damages to the property
through hiring any of our equipment: this includes any damage or weight damage to
structures, fixtures, fittings, garden or grass areas as a result of the equipment location.
It is the hirers full responsibility to make sure the area where the equipment is going
to be placed is suitable and will not cause any damage.

Limits of our liability
All the times and dates we quote for delivery or collecting the goods are approximate,
we will not be liable for any delays caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable
We will not be responsible for any damage caused to your property or persons.

Lost, stolen or damaged equipment
You the hirer are responsible for looking after the equipment and returning it to us
in the same condition and good working order as they were
received by you the hirer.
All equipment is hired from us, please do not take any equipment home with you.
You must pay us the cost of replacing any equipment which is lost, stolen, or
damaged beyond any economical repair.
If you do not willingly pay for any damaged replacement part, or stolen
equipment we will pursue a claim in the small claims court.
Our Right of Access
We may enter any land or premises where we reasonably believe the equipment to
be, on the agreed date and time of collection at the end of the agreed hire period.
Refund Policy
Any requests for refunds to be made must be done so in writing via email to: giving full details of why a refund is being requested, how much
and the original payment method and amount paid. We will then look at such requests
and aim to respond within 5-7 working days. Any agreed refunds will be paid either in
part or in full to the original card or bank that was used to make the payment for hire.
No refund will be given for misuse of property, improper use of guidelines or the
absence of a complimentary item. Any lost days during hire by either fault of the
equipment or due to delivery shall either be compensated by an extension of hire or by
agreement of a partial refund. We will reserve the right not to make any refunds unless
a collection and inspection of our equipment has been made first to determine who is at
fault. Upon this inspection we will correspond with the hirer within 48 hours of
collection and allow the hirer sufficient time to contest our decision.
No refunds shall be given where a fault has been reported late and led to P&A Flowers

Northeast Ltd not being able to provide a remedy for the hirer to continue hire. This also
Includes where the hirer is not present during installation and the fault is unknown.

Other terms
Refunds shall not include a reimbursement of delivery charges where the hirer has used
the equipment supplied. If any term in this contract cannot be enforced or agreed to,
then the hire of P&A Events NorthEast LTD equipment will not be supplied.
By hiring our equipment you the hirer agree to release P&A Events NorthEast Ltd and
any of its employees from any and all liabilities incurred during the hire or use of the
On hiring the equipment you agree to accept our Terms and Conditions and
acknowledge that the use of the equipment is at you, the hirers, own risk.

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